Winning At Interviews

Published 12-20-2017 20:23:10

Written by antfie

After giving some interview advice in the MGH slack channel it was suggested that I might like to deliver a lightening talk on the subject. Sure why not I thought and agreed to share my experience. I set about putting together a 10 minute presentation which turned out to be 15 minutes when I delivered it but it was well received by the group, even though we didn’t have time for questions. I hope something in there was useful to someone, though for me the presentation experience was welcome. It’s been a while since I’ve delivered a talk and doing this gave me some pointers for improvement next time, which is nice.

In summary networking helps to get interviews in the first place. After getting an interview lined up, do research and prepare questions beforehand. On the day, well the rest is common sense really. Right?

In hindsight and given more time I would have liked to have shared a story or two about some of the good and bad interviews I’ve experienced which helped me put this list of tips together.

Perhaps my favourite tip is this: If they don’t ask questions about you or your hobbies during the interview they don’t care. Knowing the kind of company you don’t want to work for is just as important.