STEM CTF Cyber Challenge 2018 Write Up - 2018-04-21 00:00:00

Written by Rob (@iamrastating) Challenge: “Express” Checkout Description It took a lot of courage but our great team accomplished the unthinkable. We are happy to announce a fantastic new express checkout experience. Our customers are going to love it! This new workflow has your items delivered to someone else in no time flat! Categories Web Points 50 Solution Viewing the customer listing revealed e-mail addresses of all customers. The challenge was solved by enumerating all e-mail addresses to find one which could be used on the checkout page for dandelions.

ASIS CTF 2017 Finals Write Up - 2017-10-09 00:00:00

Written by Rob The ASIS CTF 2017 finals were our first CTF as a team (on short notice too!). We managed to complete five of the challenges in total, which ranked us in 98th place out of 590 teams overall, and the highest ranked team in the UK. Challenge: V.I.R Description Rules are always broken, but not this time! Categories Warm-up Solver(s) @Odin_The_Mighty Solution The flag for this challenge was simply a case of heading over to the rules page, and finding it.

STEM CTF Cyber Challenge 2017 Write Up - 2017-09-16 00:00:00

Written by Rob Challenge: Trust Description I’d like to file a complaint about your website, it doesn’t work correctly. Categories Web Points 50 Solution Viewing the page showed a message which seemingly contained the flag: Most doggos have 4 legs Many doggos have collars with their name or ID number on a tag. The most common tag number is, MCA{C0PYING_1z_d@ng3r0us}. no one really knows why this is such a popular number Doggos make good friends