OSINT - Finding Secrets Online

Published 10-25-2017 18:13:01

Presented by: Brett

Every day, every hour, minute, second we spend online posting about what we’ve eaten and where we’ve been we’re creating a massive footprint about ourselves and others that can be scarily easily used against us; of course this can also be used in our favour as well! In this workshop I’ll be giving you a really high-level overview of the capabilities of OSINT and what we can all do with it - from building ideas about our own habits, to criminal organisations, to the spread of ideas around the world.

Hopefully you’ll be coming away with a new view of how you impact the online world and how you can use this sheer amount of info to your advantage for both work and personal life.

This workshop assumes that you know how to use an IDE or write a little bit of python scripting - I’ll give everyone a quick intro to API usage and scripting in bash/powershell as needed.


Laptop or something to write things down on (If you don’t have a laptop, no worries; Just pair up with someone else!)

Workshop Slides

Workshop Recording