When USB Devices Attack

Published 09-29-2017 18:13:01

Presented by: Tim

USB devices have been with us now for over 20 years. They have posed a security risk to organisations, which is not always as understood as well as it could be. This workshop will look at USB devices and how they work, including practical exercises in making your own USB keyboard perform tasks on your behalf.

The workshop doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of programming, but a background in C and/or powershell would be useful.


Laptop with a USB A port (USB C must have a hub with USB A connections)

Arduino IDE

Digispark board add-on to Arduino IDE (see here).

We have a limited number of Digispark boards - hopefully enough for everyone. If you want to guarantee you can join in, they can be picked up on Amazon for a few quid.

Amazon DigiSpark

Workshop Slides


Exercise Answers

Workshop Recording